Anna Pierce

It is said by some that there is a reason for everything. Anna believes that this is especially true in her life. Educated and trained as a physician and surgeon in China, Anna realizes that the precision use of her hands employed in surgery serves her well in the delicate work of creating the fine jewelry for which she is known today.

In the early 1990's Anna had an opportunity to learn about jewelry, and especially the “Stone of Heaven,” jade, under the foremost jeweler in Beijing. She thought then that she was just taking up a new hobby. After deciding to move to America in the mid-90's, and having a lifelong passion for jewelry, she chose to not take up medicine in her new home, but instead to transform her “hobby” into her new profession.

The specific application of her talent has changed, but she brings the same skill and dedication to her jewelry creations that she did when performing surgery. She uses only the very best quality jade and gemstones, to create stunning, stylish and in many cases, one-of-a-kind pieces for the lucky owners of her jewelry.

She uses Burmese jade, the highest quality jade in the world, and crafts it with imagination and loving care. Jade is regarded as a stone that brings health, prosperity and peace to its wearer, and that is what Anna wishes to all those who possess her creations.

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